Mar 07

Current Gaming Setup

I’ve shown this before in videos, but recently I edited my setup a bit and thought about just making a blog post about it with photos :D I used to have my 32″ LED TV on my L shaped desk but since I hardly use it I put it in another room. Decided to connect my xbox to my computer monitor instead. So this is my desk and my PC and xbox setup! It’s a little image heavy, so everything is under the cut :)


Overall setup, PC is on the floor :p

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Feb 19

World of Warcraft YouTube Tag

Originally I had planned on doing the TMI tag that has been going around youtube lately, but thought a WoW one would be better :D! Anyone is welcome to do this tag, I will be recording my video on Thursday! If you want to be tagged in the video I plan to record let me know :) If you have any addtional questions you think should be added, comment or tweet them to me.

  1. When did you start playing WoW?
  2. Why’d you start playing WoW?
  3. First class/race?
  4. Favorite and least favorite expansion?
  5. Favorite and least favorite raid?
  6. Favorite and least favorite class?
  7. Alliance or Horde?
  8. What are your typical gaming snacks during a long WoW session?
  9. PvP or PvE?
  10. What server do you play on? Is it the same one you started one?
  11. Favorite role to play?

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Dec 09

Which Healing Class? (Video Idea!)

As a World of Warcraft player I often frequent the WoW forums and find myself posting in the healing forums, and one topic that seems to be created almost weekly is “which healing class?”. Which this gave me an idea for a new video.

The video will show different healers (so lets say it contains footage of my resto druid healing something, pvp or a raid whatever and a voiceover talking about the druid class pros, cons etc) in various environments. Preferably all possible environments and I would love to get others involved if people are interested. To show different UIs as well as races/factions/etc.
So if you are interested in submitting either footage of any (or all) of your healing classes or want to submit a pros/cons list keep reading!  Would probably only need about 1-3 minutes or so worth of footage. Either in a raid, arena, battleground, dungeon. Level does not matter, although I’d like at least all sections to show a healer at max level and maybe one leveling if possible to. But if you have any lowbie healing toons (30+) I’d love to show them healing a dungeon or a battleground too.

And yes I know I could get this footage from the PTR, but I don’t just want it to be my toons or stock toons. I want it to contain footage of people who actually play these healers and enjoy them :D Now if you are interested in submitting something send you youtube links or VoD from twitch to or leave a comment below with the links. Also please include any additional links (website, twitter, etc) that you’d like me to use if I use your footage, everyone will be credited for this! Can also email me the pros/cons list or just reply below with them :) I will edit this post once I have several footage from various healers. I currently post weekly videos on my YouTube channel which recently hit 900 subscribers, so that is where the video will be uploaded :) I can also email everyone letting people know when it’s gone live if people want and wouldn’t mind people being more involved in the editing process if they would like. There’s a simple form below which again can be emailed or left as a comment. And yes, you can submit various videos for different classes! Thank you :)

Current Video Footage Received

Druid: N/A

Priest (Disc): N/A

Priest (Holy): N/A

Paladin: N/A

Shaman: N/A

Monk:  N/A

Submitting A Video Form

YouTube/Twitch Video Link(s):

Class Shown:

Video Type (rbg, raid, arena etc):

Your Info (Name*, Website Links etc):

* Name can be what name you go by in the WoW community! Does not have to be your real name :)

Submitting A Pro/Con List Form




Any additional advice or tips about this class?:

Your Info (Name*, Website Links etc):

* Name can be what name you go by in the WoW community! Does not have to be your real name :)


Again, either send me an email or post a comment below! Thank you again :D (1762 views)

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