Heroic Garrosh 25man Progression So Far!

garrosh2 Premeditated started progression on 25man Heroic Garrosh last week, but we didn’t really make it beyond phase one (was also able to stream it!). Thursday night after killing Paragons we had about an hour or less to mess around with Garrosh and practice more. We made it to phase 3, shockingly. We never expected to make that far, especially only on the second day of working on the fight. Healing the fight overall is not too hard. Diving Star + people always being stacked = lolworthy. Really hoping we land a kill either next week or the week after. Feel like it’s doable this week depending on how many days/hours we get on him :D We are hoping to go 13/14 H on Tuesday so we have 2 full raid nights.

Will of course do a follow up post on regards to talents choices, glyphs, and other tips for this boss fight. I am just really pumped to FINALLY kill an end boss on heroic while it’s still considered current content for the first time ever :) Just really wanted to do a quick post on initial progression and thoughts on this boss. Feel like once we do land a kill, it’ll be very VERY satisfying! (56 views)

World of Warcraft Recruitment Tips – Being Organized

Recently started doing a video series about various raiding tips, from recruiting, to finding a guild, etc the entire playlist can be found on my youtube channel, but I wanted to include a little more detail on my World of Warcraft blog. This post specifically is about being organized if you’re a recruitment officer. I often joke with the guild about these lists that I have, but I have found they really help when it comes to both recruiting and keeping track of your trials. Before I get started into how I organize things for the guilds I first wanted to go over the guild website.

The guild website in no means needs to be “fancy”, but it does need to have certain information when it comes to recruiting. What the guild wants, expectations, etc. and of course a place to apply. Below is a screenshot of the guild website. The website was designed by myself and hosted on my own server. Created the site using WordPress and then created my own guild logo in photoshop. I wanted something fairly simple and the guild master gave me free reign. Of course you do not have to use WordPress or a custom URL for your guild website, I just prefer it so that’s why I did it. The other screenshot is the guild forum. I like having a forum section for applications because it makes it easier to organize apps and anyone can see the apps, which I feel helps with new apps. If you can see why an old app was declined then I feel like that gives someone a good idea of whether or not they’d be accepted or declined too. Our guild app has also been said to be one of the shortest apps (about 5-7 questions), which I prefer. I don’t need an entire raid history, I just need the basics. A guild website is just the beginning through when it comes to recruitment.

Premeditated   US Stormrage

Premeditated • Index page

Below are the actual spreadsheets that I use for recruiting. Through Google spreadsheets I have two separate sections.  First, I have one for the entire roster list of the raid. It’s color coded by class, has their first raid date listed, and has their spec. This way when someone asks how many are on the roster I already know (picture below, but names are blurred out). I also like having an accurate date for when someone started raiding, so when I know (or the GM or another officer) when they should be going from a “trial” to a “raider” status in the guild. Main spec is also listed so I have an accurate count of healers and dps.


Second spreadsheet I have is specific to attendance. I feel like keeping track of attendance really shows you what trials are actually serious about raiding with the guild and which are not. Once again the spreadsheet is color coded and then has a  key. Once again, names are blurred out.


The key is as follows:

  • AFK (posted on the guild website or contacted an officer to let us know they’d be missing that day)
  • MIA (just didn’t show up and without a notice)
  • Ontime (showed up on time for raid)
  • Late (late for raid)

There’s also now a list for current raiders, just to see what day(s) they miss the most as well :) When someone is listed as MIA they’re eventually just taken off the list and gkicked depending on the circumstances. I really love having these spreadsheets and find it helps so much especially when recruiting for a 25man guild. I also keep track of potential applications that I contact.

photo (1)


I keep this one in a journal I use for youtube video ideas, blog post ideas, etc.  The reason I handwrite this is because it’s easier and it’s not necessarily something another officer or the guild master may need to see. I wrote down the ilvl, class, current progression, toon name, where I responded to them if not the WoW forums (for instance MMO Champion), faction (if horde), and if they’re currently on the server. If they fill out an app on the guild website I make note of it.

I am probably far more organized when it comes to recruiting then most people are, but I thought I’d post what I do to maybe help others! I have been recruiting for this guild for a little over a month now and have been doing it this way since day 1. I have found staying organized just makes things far easier in the long run. If you have any questions about how I recruit that I did not cover in this post (or a question in relation to what I did say in this post) feel free to comment below :) (238 views)

WTB Bnet Offline Mode And Here’s Why

There’s been a lot of talk in the past about players wanting an offline mode for battlenet. Today @mrandmrswow posted a tweet saying:

Now first it seems the reason a lot of players do not want it is because they feel they are lying to people or being deceptive in some way. That they are shown as offline, but they are in fact online. So here are my personal thoughts on it.

World of Warcraft was the first MMO I ever played (although I’ve played dozens more since then), and when I first started playing back in BC bnet did not exist. If you had someone on your friend’s list it was by their toon name and nothing more. If I wanted to just chill and relax without getting whispers I would simply make a new toon (back then I was only alliance so I leveled a few horde toons to relax) and level up in peace. With the introduction of real ID and battle tag it did not matter what toon you were on, those on your friend’s list could see you. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that. World of Warcraft is a social game which I get, but that doesn’t mean I always want to socialize. And I should not be forced to socialize if I don’t want to.

There have been times where I’ve come back to my computer and all I see are windows of bnet whispers asking if I am there, regardless of being set to away or busy. There’s also been plenty of times where I am trying to raid and focus, but all I keep seeing is my whisper window blinking which drives me absolutely nuts (I can’t focus if something is blinking at me). I am completely fine with people whispering me and chatting with friends, but sometimes I just want to shut the world out of enjoy Azeroth or getting owned in Hearthstone without my whisper window blinking. Does that mean I am lying? Nope. It means I am human and I want space. Does that mean people should feel bad if they whisper me? Of course not! I am COMPLETELY okay with people whispering me, but if I am in a raid or it looks like I am doing something beyond listing auctions and advertising the guild in trade please be courteous to people. Whispering 3-5 times in a row is just plain rude, especially when you’re getting the automatic whisper of someone being in a raid.

I don’t want people to feel like they can not whisper me in game. But if you see me in a raid simply asking “are you busy?” or “do you have a second?” can go a long way :) Which is generally how I contact people if I notice they appear to be in a raid if I have a quick question for them. Sometimes people have bad days, and maybe all I want to do is goof off in pvp or focus on pet battles. I shouldn’t have to go play another game I may not enjoy as much purely because I don’t feel like talking to someone. I don’t see it as deceiving anyone, I am merely concealing myself for a certain period of time. If someone really needs to reach me they can send me an email, text, or contact me on twitter. I’m not completely shut out of the world, I’m shut in my own world. There’s also days where I am just logging on for a few minutes and I don’t want to spend it babbling, I want to log on do what I wanted to do in the first place and log off. No harm, no foul. If I can completely avoid someone asking me if I am a busy when I am clearly am, without coming off as short or moody I am all for it.

Some people want the offline mode, some don’t. I vote they add it in, doesn’t mean everyone has to use it and it doesn’t mean I am the bad guy. If I am considered disrespectful for not wanting to engage in a conversation, then others are the same for wanting to engage in one when I am clearly listed as busy. It just means, I don’t always want to be socializing. Feel free to comment with your thoughts of why or why not you think it should or should not be added. (114 views)