Video: Twin Peaks Battleground Pwnages

I finally figured out how to record game play footage on my PC, which I have done :) This is my first in-game footage but I hope to record more. This is a video of a battleground, Twin Peaks. Where Alliance got roflstomped.

(or go here to watch the video)

Horde rocked us when it came to utilizing cc to their advantage. They had no healers. 0. Nada. Alliance side had 2 (one being myself and a holy paladin) but that did not benefit us much. Horde was doing very well to focus healers to the point where the paladin just left and I was all by my lonesome. After a long battle they won by the time running out.

If anything I think the battleground made me realize something. I think I am good healer. I can keep people up and being a druid I am pretty much at the top of the charts. But my UI could use some work. I currently have a 21” monitor (not a widescreen) and watching the video made me realize how much more¬†efficient I’d be with a slightly larger/wider monitor. I’ve been wanting to place the raid frames above where my action bars are but the reason I don’t now is because of space. So I think over the next month or so (maybe use Christmas money :D) I’ll save up to get a nicer monitor as well as upgrade parts of my custom built gaming PC.

Regardless of getting owned I enjoyed the battleground and I enjoyed recording the battle as well. Which is something I’d like to continue doing and plan on getting a device so I can also record xbox footage. For the next battleground maybe I’ll turn my mic on :P (1169 views)

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