Video: Warsong Gulch

Earlier today I queued for a random battleground and got Warsong Gulch, which has always been one of my favorites! Myself and my fellow Alliance all noticed I was the only healer while Horde had 2 paladins. Oi. Below is the video of the fight :)

(or watch the video on youtube here)

A few minutes into the video a prot paladin Alliance side picked up the flag. Since I just died I waited to rez where I ended up meeting up with him to heal him (also noticed he had no pvp gear and only pve tanking gear :3). Horde came at us and he bubbled. I am sorry but you’re level 85 and you didn’t know a bubble broke you holding the flag? Thanks to my kitty reflexes I grabbed the flag and continued carrying it.

Went up top with the paladin and a mage and they held off the horde nicely! Battlegound Tip: On offense with the flag carrier? If you can set the opposite faction’s flag carrier to focus. It allows you to monitor their health while either you or someone else holds the flag. This is what I did in this battleground/video and as soon as the flag dropped I rushed to cap the flag before the horde could even think about re-grabbing it. I also use this method when someone else is holding the flag and warn them when Horde’s health flag carrier is low.

So I was able to cap the flag! GO TEAM :P! We ended up getting the flag a second time and it turned into one of those just hold the flag until the time runs out. Another resto druid joined the battle and their heals were not bad although I felt they blew cooldowns way too quickly. I enjoyed the battleground – but that could be because we did win ;)

Tomorrow I am going to try to shoot a video with my microphone on, hopefully I won’t yell at those who can not hear me anyways too much. (2255 views)


  1. *wades through the spam comments* AWAY VERMIN !

    Anyway I always love it when you can make someone panic so hard they bubble/iceblock and drop the flag :-P

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