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The other day I randomly was googling to see if there were any Warcraft themed iPhone cases. I came across some recently released cases for the iPhone 4 that have an Alliance version and a Horde version. Upon further googling I noticed that they can both be picked up at GameStop or ordered online. So naturally I got ready and headed there today to take a look at both :)

Choosing one was hard. Now although my main is Alliance she was horde once before (although Alliance before that too, haha) and my Death Knight is currently Horde and I have been really enjoying playing her lately. After staring at both cases for about 5 minutes I chose to get the Horde one for now and go back later at some point and get the Alliance version. Being the graphic designer that I am (did I mentioned I just graduated recently?!) I of course had to make matching wallpapers for my iPhone (previously I was using an Alliance one) because I didn’t find any that I really liked online. So here is what my iPhone looks like now:

I also posted it on my DeviantArt page which is where you the credits is also listed :) Once I do buy the Alliance case I’ll make similar versions for it. And it’s also sorta funny since my iPhone is named Tyrande Whisperwind (I have the white iPhone and she’s commonly illustrated in white). But, my iPad is named Slyvanas so that counts. Or something.


About Veroicone

Veronica aka Veroicone is graphic/web designer with a love of playing healing classes and making youtube videos. Currently maining a Disc Priest named Sookei in a heroic raiding guild located on Stormrage.

One Thought on “iPhone Horde Geekery

  1. Ooh! Very nice!

    Grats on graduation!

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