How to Not Lose Your Guild

Lately the World of Warcraft community has been in uproar over the fact that a guild leader can be “dethroned” if they are inactive for 30 days. What people fail to realize is that this has been in place for the lifetime of WoW, only before you had to contact a game master to get the ownership changed. There are countless threads over at the WoW forums under Guild & Guild Leadership of leaders being dethroned and complaining about the “new” policy. So here are some tips to secure your guild.

First off let me start of by saying this. A guild is not the sole ownership of the leader and it is fair that a member can obtain the guild if the leader is not logging on for a certain amount of time. It’s just not just the leader putting time, effort, gold, items, and even achievements into the guild – it’s also the members. Yes people have real lives outside of WoW yes the guild should not be on your mind 100% of the time but there are ways to ensure your guild is still your guild while keeping the members happy. I’ve been in guilds in the past where the leader was gone for well over a month and we had no way of inviting new members and tried to keep the guild alive but did not want to have to leave guild (which is the GM ticket came in handy).

Find People You Trust

Are you a guild leader and planning on taking a break from WoW? Or are you just worried an emergency may come up and you don’t want to lose your guild? If you currently have officers in your guild appoint someone as a Co-Guild Leader, or at least some sort of a second in command. That way if you have to leave for an extended period of time they can take on the guild until you return. I would probably also have at least 2 people at second in command followed by a few officers (the way the policy works if it goes to the next highest rank that has been active within a certain period of time). Now if you don’t trust anyone in your guild … well, that’s a whole different blog post in itself :P

Let People Know

If you’re just going to take a break let members know! Post on your guild forums, facebook, or in the guild message of the day that you will be gone for an extended amount of time and that if anyone needs any help in the guild they can contact those you appointed as second in command. Obviously if it’s an emergency you may not have someone’s cell number to text them at some point and let them know what happened, but if you can – I’d suggest doing it at some point. So at least the officers or other higher ranks know what is happening.

Your Thoughts/Precauctions

I’m also curious what is everyone else’s thoughts on this “new” policy and for those that are guild leaders or are in guilds what are some precautions people are taking? I am considered a Co-guild leader is Epicurious (on Undermine) but we also have officers too that frequently log on (although both myself and the guild leader and very active and all leaders + officers are real life friends which makes things a bit easier). (9846 views)


  1. Our hardest problem at the moment is not taking time off from the game but trying to recruit members. I agree though that if you do take time off it’s important to let the members know beforehand via whatever means you can. Towards the end of last year, myself (GL) and the co-leader took a couple of weeks off for a holiday together. So we let people know beforehand on Mumble just after our last raid (also previously mentioned beforehand to various people) just just as a reminder.

    I find twitter is also good but I don’t think any of my Guildies have a Twitter account. We are a pretty small Guild. My twitter feed can be seen on my blog though.

    However, I agree that if you are inactive for that long then the leadership transfer is worthwhile.

    • Veroicone

      Yeah, I mainly see fellow WoW bloggers using twitter!

      Someone suggested on the forum a guild newsletter, which I think would be AMAZING.

      • Ooh, I never thought about a Guild newsletter, my blog almost feels like a newsletter in the sense that I do post regularly, well more like sporadically lately as I might have a day where I post 3 times… at least in the last couple of weeks. However, that is mostly my news and gimmicky stuff.

        Our Guild doesn’t do enough to warrant a newsletter unless it was a monthly thing; but even then they don’t all check their emails in a very timely fashion, which I think is part of the porblem =/

        • Yeah, the guilds I am in probably wouldn’t use it (although one is a pretty big guild – just both raids teams stopped because they wanted to play Star Wars but a new team was created). There’s a WoW forum post about it as I said, with mixed comments about having one or not having one. I think it’d come in handy for certain things though :D

  2. Happy birthday BTW! And I have to admit that I agree that an inactive guild leader for 30 days (unless they have a good reason like going on a 3 month world trip) should be dethroned. However, I couldn’t see that happening in my guild, if our Guild leader was unavailable for that long he’d just hand over to one of the officers to deal with stuff. Our officers are all friends (through game, not IRL, though RL friends now since playing WoW) so that makes it easier.

    • Veroicone

      Thanks! And yeah that’s how most guilds should handle it if they can. Pass it off to someone else that they trust just in case they’ll be gone longer than expected.

  3. The problem will never pose itself in Immortalis, because the guild doesn’t require all that much managing at the moment, and the guild leader doesn’t decide anything raid-related.

    We also have very active officers and ex-officers that would probably decide on a policy should the guild leader disappear, and someone has this second-in-command rank too just in case. So I guess we knew about this post before it existed :P

    But I agree that the policy itself is nice, because a guild leader disappearing on their guild without a notice is kind of rude (and perhaps worrying sometimes).

    • Veroicone

      Yeah, if I had a guild leader just vanish without notice I’d be affraid something happened to them. My old guild leader in the guild I recently left would post on the guild’s facebook and the guild message of the day if she was taking a break sometimes.

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