What the Guild Finder Needs

The Guild Finder lacks a lot of tools, that I feel would help new members and veterans find guilds much more easily. And even help guilds find the right members for them! So here’s a  few ideas that I’ve discussed before with Brian on twitter (which was back in December, but better late than never :P). These images are very (horribly) photoshopped by yours truly.

Guild Searches

A simple search that allows you to do just that – search. Type in a particular guild name you are interested in finding more information about and it’s highlighted while other guild’s on the list are faded out. Epicurious is the guild I am in (and co-own) with IRL friends/co-workers :P

Guild Raid Searching

Allows you to list the days and times that you are available to raid as well as the spec(s) you can raid in. This search would output guilds that fit within those days, times, and what specs they are currently recruiting for. In the comment section you can list your experience, ilvl, etc. Not sure exactly how to display the times though. Maybe have a list of certain time frames you can choose from, or allow you to type in the times yourself (probably a checkbox would be easiest).

If you’re a Guild Leader or an officer in the guild (or even a regular member) you can search those looking for a guild to raid with. You can look at their available times, days, and what specs they are as well and send them a message with information about your guild.

Server Searching

The ability to click the “Server” tab (as shown above under “Guild Searches”) and search guild recruitments on other servers and even factions. Sometimes simply going to the forum to hunt for the right guild for you doesn’t always work. So why not allow users to refine the searches both on their server and on other servers.

Currently is seems like the Guild Finder just lists guilds at random and it’s really aggravating to search through everything. Adding a few different functions as well as a raid recruitment function could really make it easier to find people to join your guilds as well as find the right guild for you. (5798 views)


  1. It is also missing a way to communicate with applicants that everyone can see. So that if an officer replies to someone interested, the rest of us know that they either got some information or at least pointed in the right direction.

  2. I would love to see some of the things you’ve mentioned. Even a better way to talk to prospective applicants through a direct msg. Esp. when they aren’t online at the time. Unfortunately, we haven’t had too much success with the system as it is now.

    • Veroicone

      Agreed as well. I have found on Epicurious when people apply they never seem to be on haha. Would be nice to send them a short message via the guild finder that they could easily see.

      We’ve gotten a few applicants through the guild system, but it just lacks so much for it be really useful to anyone.

  3. This is very helpful for me and my lower level alts not currently attached to my main guild. My two main characters, Balance/Resto Druid & Protection/Retribution Paladin have either gone free agent for awhile or found people through networking in order to find a home. Honestly have a hard time imagining what a new player or someone looking for a prospective guild might go through.

    There is always a wide field of options in the membership and activity that is best for an individual in becoming a part of a guild. I like to think of joining a guild like joining a sports team or tight nit community, because there has to be a connection strong then just randomly running with people via Trade or General chat. There is a time and effort commitment to not just want a freebie or be carried, but to really contribute and add something to the table.

    There are so many great posts written on the dynamics of guild recruitment, atmosphere, retention, and develop. This is a great addition to those works.

    Thanks for the ideas on how to improve the Guild Finder feature.

  4. Must admit I’d never use the guild finder in it’s current incarnation to find a home but I like your suggestions for making it a bit more user friendly.

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