6x6x6: The Challenge of Sixes

While browsing my WoW bloggers reading list I noticed lots of people were taking part in this 6x6x6 meme. And I thought it sounded like tons of fun! Turns out I got tagged too, or rather, Keyel did. But since he’s doesn’t use this blog at all (which is fine, I am more of a blogger than he is! But you’ll start seeing his posts pop up soon :)) I stole the tag ;) Anyways …

I was tagged by Logtar, to take up this challenge, 6x6x6: The Challenge of Sixes, originally started by Gnomeageddon this time around.  This is the first time I’ve heard of this challenge, but hey, this sounds like a ton of fun!  It’s pretty easy- all you have to do is pick an image folder on your hard drive and go to the sixth image in the sixth sub-folder.   You publish the image and add a few words about it, if you want to.

That’s easy, but hold on your hats, folks.  Fannon has added a twist to this challenge, and renaming it the The Battle Medic Rule of Six by Six by Six.  Instead of doing just one folder, the Battle Medic tradition calls for a few!  So here it goes …

World of Warcraft Screenshots Folder(s)

Now I don’t really have subfolders here (except for ones that say “old screenshots 1″ etc so I just chose the main folder and 1 of the subfolders.

Aw, from when I was leveling a goblin! This is in one of my older screenshot folders.

This is a Wrath dungeon back from when I was leveling my death knight, Buffeh! I don't remember taking this cap to be honest haha.


Random folder that is on my desktop!

Painting for my painting 1 class last semester based off a song by Jason Reeves and Keyel's battle with cancer.

To read more about the painting, check my personal blog post about it (with progression photos!)

Random Folder Under Veronica Mars

This is my dog Neo! He is awesome. He's part poodle and terrier and who knows what else. He's a very hyper 12 year old mutt of awesome. Yes he's named after The Matrix. And yes, he is awesome and he is the one. I believe this was taken after a bath. He currently lives with my mom (since I was in college) but once I move over the summer he'll be joining me and my bf :)

Some Random Pictures Folder on my Computer

This was drawn over a year ago randomly in paint. The same professor that I had for painting 1 I had for figure drawing 1 and we did an exercise at the mall where we drew people walking around the mall. The mall guard came over and fussed at my professor and told her to not let us draw the buildings. So I drew him. And she drew the buildings ;)



So there you have it! I have such weird stuff in my folders haha. I’d tag people but all of the people I’d tag have done it SO if you want to do it DO IT and of course comment with the blog link to it because I’d love to see them :) (7960 views)

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