Thoughts on Flex Raiding

Flex raiding was announced this week (and in case you have no clue what that is you can read about it here) and I have to admit, I am very excited for this feature. I actually almost wish they did this instead of introducing LFR to begin with.

I see flex raiding as a way to play with friends, have fun, see current content, and maybe get some loots. I hang out a lot on the WoW forums and have made several friends through the healing forums and have done several LFR’s, dungeons, random bgs, and even old cross realm raids with said people. And each time it was a blast! Flex raiding is just another way to hang out with people without suffering through LFR.

I love LFR, to an extent. It’s quick, easy, and sometimes painless but it gets old, quickly. You have the people that AFK the whole time, the healers that don’t heal, the tanks that don’t tank, and the dps that derp as much as possible. Entering LFR is always a mystery. Doing LFR with friends can make it less painful, ┬ábut you still have the other 20+ people in the group to worry about and roll your eyes at.

Flex raiding allows you do to still get gear and offers you more control in a non-serious raid environment. A few suggestions have been made on the forums, one being that LFR and flex raiding share the same lockout. Or, flex raiding offers the same quality gear as normal. But this is still in the works so I will we see :)

I miss the days of doing 10man raiding with a guild and 25man raid with a weekly pug, flex raiding offers another way to gear up but have fun. The only downside is people feel obligated to fun LFR, flex raid, and normal/heroic modes.

In the end, I am excited and ready for flex raiding :D What are you thoughts on flex raiding? (5544 views)

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Veronica aka Veroicone is graphic/web designer with a love of playing healing classes and making youtube videos. Currently maining a Disc Priest named Sookei in a heroic raiding guild located on Stormrage.

One Thought on “Thoughts on Flex Raiding

  1. I just got to try out Flex raiding this week, and I really like it. It’s something that I wish I had in Cataclysm.

    Not that I think it will turn out that way, but it has the possibility for Blizzard to bring the best parts of Wrath back (like being able to easily pug raid content) while preserving a bit of difficulty for normal and heroic modes.

    It’s a welcome addition for me.

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