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    Firstly, I will be submitting a video on Resto Shaman pros and cons later in the week once I get some footage from a few fights which I feel highlight what I want to discuss. Namely Immerseus, Norushen, and Malkorok.

    Class: Shaman, Resto of course.
    Excellent Stacked healing, great number of raid cooldowns, clutch healing from Mastery.
    Terrible movement and below average spread healing. Our Mastery. Heavily reliant on Smart Heals.

    I put the Mastery in both categories as it is extremely useful in those clutch situations, but outside of that, we suffer a penalty on our healing because we’re balanced around people being low enough to give us some benefit to our mastery. In this world of keeping everyone topped off, our mastery is useless for that, and actually makes us worse at it as our heals get smaller as the target gets closer to 100%.

    Any additional advice or tips about this class?:
    First. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER take Conductivity without seriously considering it. You’ll only want to take this talent on a fight where 1) There is little to no movement. 2) Healing Stream Totem for some reason is not as effective as it should be. 3) An extra raid cooldown won’t be effective.
    This would be a fight like Malkorok where smart heals are neutered.

    Watch your timers and the situation. Know the fight going in.
    You have a lot to keep track of between Unleash Elements/Healing Rain, Healing Stream Totem, Riptide, your LMG, and your preferred form of mana management, sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice some uptime on Healing Stream to get the Healing Rain down, other times you’ll want to neglect the Healing Rain in favor of Healing Stream Totem. You have to know the situation you’re in in order to know which to do. You have to know when to game the LMG procs for bonus mana and when to just cast like it isn’t there, and yes there will be times for both.
    You’re going to need at least a general idea of how the fight is going to play out going in. Are you going to be stacked or spread? Is there heavy movement? Will there be periods of little to no damage where I may want to hold some of the shorter cooldowns?
    For spread fights, you’ll be focusing on single target healing and will probably glyph Chain Heal to help. You’ll need to be careful about Riptide placement so that you can get the most out of the Chain Heals you’ll get off. You’ll need to rely more on Healing Stream Totem than on Healing Rain, so neglecting Healing Rain in favor of Riptide and Healing Stream may be more effective and mana efficient.
    It the group is going to be stacked however, you’ll want to know two things, where and how long. You’ll want to rely more on Healing Rain and Healing Stream Totem and can be somewhat less careful about your Riptide placement. You’ll tend to want to avoid glyphing Chain Heal so that you can chain cast it in high damage situations. You’ll use less single target healing. However, if you know the raid is going to move in less than 4-5 seconds, you may not want to use Healing Rain as it is a large chunk of mana. However, there will be situations where it is useful to have it down even if you will be moving. It really just depends on the fight.
    For heavy movement fights you’ll rely on Spiritwalker’s Grace, Healing Stream Totem, Riptide, and Ancestral Swiftness. These are your main tools for dealing with movement. Some will tell you to glyph Riptide, I personally don’t advocate this as much of the potency of Riptide comes from the initial heal. You’ll need to be careful about Spiritwalker’s Grace usage as it does have a fairly hefty cooldown, so use it wisely.

    Also remember you have three of the strongest raid cooldowns in the game. Spirit Link Totem, Ascendance, and Healing Tide Totem. You also have a talent to take a fourth, weaker, raid cooldown in Ancestral Guidance, however you lose quite a bit of potency on your Healing Stream Totem to do so.
    Out of the three baseline cooldowns, I consider Spirit Link Totem to be the weakest. It has a powerful effect, but it is severely hampered by range. Using Totemic Projection, you can use it to share health between a ranged group and a melee group, but it still doesn’t help the initial group much after that.
    Healing Tide Totem is our second most powerful cooldown. It’s a fire and forget cooldown and works pretty much like Tranquility and Divine Hymn, only it’s powered by our mastery. When you’re dropping it, people tend to be low health, thus getting the totem a nice mastery bonus which Priests and Druids don’t get out of their cooldowns.
    Finally, Ascendance. I consider this to be my most powerful cooldown, and honestly the most powerful in the game. It is also the most skill reliant in our arsenal. It is only as strong as the healer using it and the spells they select. If you maximize your throughput when you pop Ascendance, you can bring the entire raid from 1% to 100% in about 2 seconds flat. If you’re terrible about it, you won’t even make a dent. It is powered mostly by your Healing Rain, but your choice of spellcasts and targets during this time will make a huge difference on your throughput with it. Remember, your heals get larger the lower the HP of the target, so when you pop Ascendance, you want to think about three main things when selecting heal and target. First, Health level, always target the lower health player. Second, spread or stacked. Chain Heal if you can hit all 4 targets will usually do more healing than Healing Surge or Greater Healing Wave. However, you’ll tend to want to use Healing Surge more during Ascendance over GHW as Healing Surge will have a higher crit chance and slightly faster cast time. The goal during Ascendance is to pump out as much as possible in as little time as possible. Third, Riptide. You’ll want to continue using Riptide during Ascendance, it gives 30% haste to GHW or 30% crit to HS. Both of those are invaluable during Ascendance. If you’re using Chain Heal instead, you’ll want to try to Chain Heal off your Riptide target for the 25% boost. Bonus if you can get a bounce on your Earth Shield target, it boosts that bounce, which boosts the healing going to Ascendance spreading.

    And I’ve gotten to the point where I’m rambling so I’ll stop here…

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